Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you guys work with all image formats for vector redraws?
A) Yes we do accept all image formats including, JPG, PNG, CDR, AI, EPS, BMP etc.

2) How do I submit my artwork request to you?
A) You first artwork request can be emailed to and all future requests can be sent to

3) Will I get a quote before you proceed?
A) Yes we will always send you a quote before processing the artwork. Typically within 15 minutes of your email.

4) What are your charges for a simple vector redraw?
A) Our charges depend on the complexity of the artwork provided to us. Our standard rates starts as low as $10.

5) What are your turn times?
A) We typically turn around RUSH orders within 3 to 4 hours with no extra charge for RUSH orders.

6) Do you offer bulk pricing for artwork?
A) Yes we offer discounted rate or bulk pricing for multiple pieces of artwork in a day or over a period of time? Rates depend on volume and engagement of work. You can email us at for Bulk pricing.
1) What do you need to provide me with a Virtual Mock-up?
A) We would need the artwork, product template and product. We would also need product image, artwork vector file, proof template.

2) How soon can I get a Virtual Mock-up if I send in a request?
A) Typically all virtual mock-ups are produced within an hour from the time of request. We do however require that the artwork be a Vector file. If we are required to produce a vector redraw of the art file, then time and price may vary.

3) What are your charges for Virtual Mock-ups?
A) Our pricing depends completely on engagement and volume of work you would choose to source us.

1) Do you accept all file formats for digitizing?
A) We accept AI, EPS, PDF, DST, EMB, CDR, and BMP for digitizing

2) What are your charges for embroidery?
A) We go by a $1.75 per 1000 stitches with no charge for minimums

3) What are your turn times and do you charge more for RUSH orders?
A) Our turn times for RUSH orders is 4 hours or less and we do not charge anything for RUSH orders.

Special Instructions for sending us Embroidery:
We request our clients to provide us with the following information while sending us files for embroidery.
Order: Digitize
Logo Name:
Location: LC / Full Front / Sleeve, Etc.
Artwork Size:
Color Info:
File Type Needed: DST & EMB
Special Instructions:
1) When would I receive an invoice for all the projects done?
A) We have various invoice cycles. Weekly - sent every Monday for the previous week. Bi-Weekly sent following Monday of 15th of every month. Monthly - 1st or 2nd day of the following month.

2) How do I pay you?
A) We accommodate three modes of payment. You can pay us via PAYPAL, Send a Check to our NY address or pay us with a Credit Card. Ask for wire instructions with your Account Manager

3) When are your invoices due?
A) All our invoices are due upon receipt. We typically accept a 7 day grace payment for invoices from date we send you one. We value your business and understand that having a payment term allows you to plan your Finances/Accounts accordingly. We therefore, recommend that you get in touch with your Account Manager to work on a payment term mutually agreeable to both the parties.

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