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Virtual samples as a quick way to leave a lasting impression on your customers, when you show how their logo/branding would look like on a promotional product. We at Graphixide create spectacular renditions of your logo on any promotional product. Talk to one of our specialists if you need a virtual done today!

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For any promotional product or gifting company, a virtual representation of their customer’s or their own branding on a promo product or a virtual sample is an essential marketing strategy. Our service outperforms many of the automated tools available out there. We can also build a custom virtual sampling tool which can be integrated into your website.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A customer will be able to view how a promotional product will look featuring his logo before placing an order
  • A reduction is sales cycle times
  • Lesser worries about bagging orders, thanks to speedy creation of virtual samples

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Why choose us?

  • Maximum Creativity @ Minimum Pricing!
  • Decades of experience in the digital and design domains
  • The fastest turnaround times!
  • Top (Quantity + Quality) art work delivered. Always!
  • Undying commitment to deadlines!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do you need to provide me with a Virtual Mock-up?
A) We would need the artwork, product template and product. We would also need product image, artwork vector file, proof template.

2) How soon can I get a Virtual Mock-up if I send in a request?
A) Typically all virtual mock-ups are produced within an hour from the time of request. We do however require that the artwork be a Vector file. If we are required to produce a vector redraw of the art file, then time and price may vary.

3) What are your charges for Virtual Mock-ups?
A) Our pricing depends completely on engagement and volume of work you would choose to source us.

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